I started my career after completing my engineering in digital electronics as a maintenance engineer in an organization called PACE COMMUNICATIONS INDIA PVT LTD. Here I learnt the minute nuances and technical requirements of a film studio.

I worked here for 2 years until a project by Subhash Ghai called Audeus came up. It was going to be a step forward in film post. They wanted state of the art equipment. This project took months, during the commissioning process I learnt the operations of these machines from the manuals. I learnt them and mastered them to an extent that I was supposed to train the engineers MUKTA ARTS -AUDEUS was planning to appoint. I mastered the first Fairlight that came in India.

I got an offer from Audeus to join as an engineer instead of a trainer. This was funny, but I took the plunge, I never went to any film school, and no clue about films. All my film education -technical and non technical was on the job at Audeus I worked with audiographers and sound designers such as RAKESH RANJAN, PRADEEP SURI, RASOOL POOKUTTI, JETENDRA CHAUDHARI, JAGMOHAN ANAND, and many more. They all contributed to my learning or schooling whatever u choose to call it. Years passed and I kept learning. There was so much to learn, it looked endless, actually it is. Our film industry is like that. Everyday there is something new. Some time someone messes up and you have to figure out a way. Sometimes you see how people tackle situations and different recording techniques.

These techniques I’m sure came only with experience and I wouldn’t have gained from any film school. I worked under this banner for a period of four and a half years. Then I set my mind on being independent, and started as a freelancer. I set out again to explore more horizons and I’m still working on it……. I did films with friends which I made when I was at Audeus, friends who were actors, directors, editors, cinematographers. People who were new and energetic as I am and people who had been in this industry for ages. I always got something to learn. Learnt the dos and don’ts of our industry. It was an amazing journey!

I tied up with Kunal Mehta who had a more or less same journey as me (and was my colleague at with empire studios and Fairllight). and started a company called CREATIVE SOUND DESIGN.